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Sauna or Turkish bath?

And here we are, with one of the most frequently asked questions about the well-being of your body.

Which one to choose sauna or Turkish bath?

Both provide the body with beneficial effects, in fact they are two treatments known for their ability to eliminate toxins, uric acid, and lactic acid through sweating, also improving the lymphatic system and therefore blood pressure.

What’s the difference between the two?

Let’s start with the Turkish bath, which is ideal for the prevention or treatment of respiratory disorders, also used for insomnia, water retention and rheumatic pain.
The sauna, on the other hand, is especially indicated for contractures and muscle or osteoarticular trauma.
What to choose instead if you do not have particular ailments?
It all depends on your preference: if you prefer a humid and warm environment, go to the Turkish bath, if you prefer a warm and dry environment, you prefer the sauna.
A few little tips:
Before entering both the Turkish bath and the sauna, it is advisable to take a hot shower to prevent the body from suffering a thermal shock and to take cold ones between one session and another.
Drinking fluids is also essential as a lot of them are lost during sweating.

After this brief summary, enjoy your well-deserved relaxation in our LysSpa

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